Yuyang Yin 尹雨阳

I am currently a Ph.D student at Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) in MePro, advised by Prof. Yuchao Wei. I was a student researcher at Centre for Frontier AI in A*Star,Singapore, advised by Dr. Ping Liu(Jan 2023 - July 2023).

Research Interests

My research interest lies at the intersection of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. In particular, my work focuses on image generation/restoration etc. Recently I focus on text-to-image generation based on diffusion modle.

Education History

Ph.D Beijing Jiaotong University 2023-present

B.D. Beijing Jiaotong University 2019-2023

  19231052 AT bjtu DOT edu DOT cn                       Google Scholar

Selected Publications

CLE Diffusion: Controllable Light Enhancement Diffusion Model
Yuyang Yin, Dejia Xu, Chuangchuang Tan, Yao Zhao, Yunchao Wei
ACM Multimedia (MM 2023)
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